The team at Smile Education Consultancy is designed to assist Indian students to get an affordable MBBS in Bangladesh. They offer a worthwhile package that is ideal for any Indian student who wishes to attain MBBS Admission in Bangladesh.

The Education Consultant for MBBS in Bangladesh guides students about the entire process of gaining admission, as well as the many formalities and legalities they may have to go through. The knowledge and experience that Smile Education Consultancy has to offer have made them the top Consultant for MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students.

They are among the few consultants who have realized just how worthwhile and affordable it is for Indian students to pursue medical colleges in Bangladesh. With the quality of studying nearly the same, but reduced costs, one is able to affordably get their MBBS in Bangladesh without worry.


Why Smile Education?

    • We delicately process MBBS Admission in Bangladesh no other countries
    • Directly Authorized from medical colleges to process all legal documents and Student VISA Processing.
    • We have been offering hassle-free guidance services.
    • We have the maximum number of Students Representing in Bangladesh from Smile Education
    • Local Guardianship throughout the study duration
    • Facilitates  and assist in other services to the student in their need during their academic stay
    • Free College Prospectus and Information brochures
    • No Gimmick like No Free Air-ticket, Free Laptops, Free Tab like others.
    • Clear and Transparent Paper Processing with ZERO errors.

SmileEducation.org tie-up with today’s leading Medical Colleges in Bangladesh top health professionals and leading health care associations designed to help students like you start down the road toward a career in health. Here you’ll find the latest health career information and MBBS Admission in Bangladesh guide as you prepare for a future in the health care profession.

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Amit Basu
Amit Basu
04:28 21 Oct 21
Excellent services and commitment towards customers. Really extremely happy for their seamless services in getting foreign medical - MBBS admission and beyond particularly Dhaka, Bangladesh
suprakash pal
suprakash pal
18:28 20 Oct 21
Very good consultancy. Consultant is extremely friendly and helpful. Helped us a lot through the official proceedings and guided as through everything. Very happy .
srikanth manokaran
srikanth manokaran
14:05 20 Oct 21
I came to know it through my friend.From the beginning it helps us a lot.Especially Reepa ma'am consultant was really very kind helpful.She guided well in admission and made all the procedures following very easy.The aim of Studying M.B.,B.S., came true through this agency and her service.CBMC is our right choice.I really appreciate its service.So I proudly recommend it.with regards
13:14 20 Oct 21
It's a consultancy by name off course, but I feel it's a second home for the students. Madam Biswas is not at all professional. She has very homely attitude . Not only guide for study📚✏ concern, she guide for all aspects. Always available. And keep in touch with the students and their family. When ever they needed. Honest, helping attitude. In Bangladesh medical colleges administration respect her. Closing eyes parents can trust. Thanks to madam Reepa and her team.
Faiza Daniya
Faiza Daniya
13:07 20 Oct 21
One of the best consultancies with good communication and good guidance.No fake promises or fake expectations.Highly recommend this Consultancy for students wishing to study abroad as it's absolutely reliable and offers best services.
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