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In recent years the educational institutions in Bangladesh and worldwide have confronted the challenge of creating the curriculum, the basic need of today’s eon. Specifically speaking about the quality of medical education in Bangladesh underwent the various features of colonial education. It is pretty much on the traditional pattern of education, which includes teacher-centered and lecture-based education. MBBS in Bangladesh is now a trend among all the Indian students who are opting for abroad studies. It is one of the best choices students can make while starting their medical careers on an international platform. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is considered to be one of the cheapest. It will provide you with the feeling of homeliness even if you are looking in an international country. For students who are opting for MBBS or medical courses, Bangladesh is the best choice. Compared to other Nations, MBBS in Bangladesh would provide you with the best career.

MBBS for Indian Students in Bangladesh

Most medical doctors tend to complete their MBBS degree from Bangladesh. Along with the course, MBBS students tend to get prepared for various examinations, including PLUB, NEXT, FMGE, or USMLE. International students do not get bothered while studying in Bangladesh. They do not encounter any problems regarding language while going through the process of learning. You will find various medical colleges in Bangladesh that welcome students wholeheartedly. Not only from India from every corner of the world, but students also tend to opt for Bangladesh to pursue their career in India.

Why is MBBS in Bangladesh demand So High?

The medical colleges in India demand a lot from medical students. Individuals generally find this to be difficult to afford. But in the case of medical colleges in Bangladesh, you have to worry about the financial part. Also, the quality of medical education in countries like Bangladesh would provide you the same benefit if you study that course in India. The curriculum follows the books by various Indian authors. However, the highest passing rate of NEXT and FMGE can be seen in Bangladesh. If you are looking for an affordable medical study at the best package, you can check for MBBS study abroad.

Bangladesh FMGE Performance Yearwise

Get a hundred percent admission with the consultant.

If you look for the quality of medical education, you can select Bangladesh to fulfill your career. You will find top medical universities that provide world-class education with well professional staff and premium quality standards. The study pattern and the syllabus offer the best practices as well as theoretical education. Bangladesh is one of the top countries that has shown tremendous improvement in education quality. If you look for FMGE performance in Bangladesh compared to other countries, you will see a narrow rise in results. However, to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor, Smile Education Consultancy can show you the right path to your future career.

Fulfill your dream to become a Doctor

Smile Education Consultancy is the best option for an Indian student willing to pursue MBBS. It is one of the trusted and most reliable consultants that helps Indian medical aspirants every year. The consultant works for various medical colleges and guides the students. Students who seek help get direct admission to MBBS courses in some of the best Bangladeshi medical colleges. They provide the students with an idea of the quality of medical education in Bangladesh. To avail of various admission formalities and information related to the MBBS course in Bangladesh, you can contact Smile Education.

Quality of Education for Indian medical students in Bangladesh

If you are looking for opportunities in MBBS, then it is compulsory to qualify NEET examination. The quality of education provided in Bangladesh helps you to prepare for the test without any inconvenience. With the help of Smile Education, you would be delighted to get the best future ahead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of taking MBBS course in Bangladesh

You can find various advantages rather than disadvantages of taking the MBBS course in Bangladesh. Apart from the affordable cost of study, Bangladesh offers the best place to nurture your practical clinic knowledge. Moreover, with English being the medium of teaching, students do not find any difficulties understanding the course. Also, the seat reservation for every international student and the hostel accommodation adds up to the list of advantages. This college offers WHO-approved certificates that are recognized worldwide. It helps to widen your career prospects. Speaking about the disadvantages, you will face the weather problem as it is hot and humid. However, this is one ignorable problem.

Comparison of FMGE performance with other countries

The choice of career is one Complex personal decision. It gets influenced by various intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The studies conducted in diverse Asian countries are usually office practical-based studies to practice their theoretical knowledge. It helps to increase the performance and competence of the students. Bangladesh follows this vividly. Hence, if you are looking for MBBS abroad, you should choose MBBS to study in Bangladesh. In addition to this, the MBBS course fees in Bangladesh offer you the best option. You can now rely on Smile Education to get an education and the best career ahead.

Country Wise FMGE Performance Report 2020

About Smile Education Consultancy

If you are looking for any reliable and trusted admission consultant in Bangladesh, you should blindly look for Smile Education Consultancy. It is one of the top authorized consultancies that benefited many Indian medical aspirants. Their student guidance technique helps the students get admission to some of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh. It is popular among MBBS students due to its affordable cost.

Low Fee High Demand Medical Schools in BD

If you look for the pass percentage, you will see a steep rise. The passing rate each year gets higher compared to any other country in the world. It, however, paves the path to entries in the admission rate of MBBS courses in Bangladesh. Students can opt for 112 medical colleges, including 70 private institutions. Most Indian students look for this option as the overall package, including the college fees, is comparatively cheaper than any other country. It also helps the parents as it flows down the financial burden but never compromises on the quality of education. The process of admission is simple. Lately, this city has become one of the destinations for medical study among Indian MBBS candidates. 

MBBS in Bangladesh BD

Want to be a successful Doctor? Bangladesh may be your best choice. MBBS in Bangladesh is the topmost study destination for Indian Students. It offers excellent medical education highly accepted around the world. MBBS graduated from Bangladesh are doing best in the respective hospitals all over India as well as abroad. The lifestyle, food, weather of Bangladesh are almost the same as in India.

Why MBBS in Bangladesh?

  • Globally Recognized and Standard Curriculum
  • Affordable cost and Flexible Payment System (Installment Payment option)
  • High population in the world so high patients flow in hospitals
  • Get monthly salary while doing medical practices (Internship)
  • Short Travel Distance from India (By Air, Train or Bus)
  • Friendly Environment
  • MCI Recognised see IMC 1956 Act Schedule 2
  • M.C.I Recognised Medical Qualifications Granted by Medical Institutions outside India. See More Details here https://www.nmc.org.in/acts-amendments/the-second-schedule-of-imc-act/
  • Recognized by all Medical Councils including NMC MCI, WHO, and BMDC
  • Remarkable passing rate in MCI Screening Test (FMGE/NExT)
  • Books and Journal from Indian Author
  • Many Renowned doctors serving In India are a product of Bangladesh Medical Colleges
  • Easy Admission and visa processing
  • Classes are in English Medium
  • Scholarship Available under SAARC Quota
  • Medical Entrance Examination Not Required for Indian or Foreign National

Why Smile Education?

    • We have been offering authentic guidance services.
    • Highest Indian Students Representative in Bangladesh
    • Local Guardianship throughout the study period
    • Facilitates  and assist in other services to the student in their need during their academic stay
    • Error Free MBBS Admission Process in Bangladesh.

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