Medical Colleges of Bangladesh

Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for Indian Aspirants

Are you looking for a low-cost option to study MBBS abroad? Look no further than the Medical Colleges of Bangladesh!

These medical colleges in Bangladesh provide medical education at the graduate level in allopathic and alternative medical. They are associated with an institution of higher learning in the local area and are part of the oversight under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Students who graduate from an medical school in Bangladesh are able to take any national and international entrance examinations.

Students can attend one of the medical schools in Bangladesh. MBBS programs in Bangladesh are broken down into four stages, each lasting one and two-and-a-half years. The first part of the program focuses in the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. The second part, in turn, is focused on Forensic and Community Medicine. The third phase, which lasts for one year, is dedicated to therapeutics and pharmacology.

Top 10 Medical Colleges of Bangladesh for Indian Students

Sl No College Name Five Years College Fees (USD) Hostel (USD) per month
1. Dhaka National Medical College 53000 100 with Food
2. Community Based Medical College 46000 With Hostel
3. Eastern Medical College 43000 Included
4 Bangladesh Medical College 49000 100
5 Sylhet Women’s Medical College 42000 With Hostel
6 Barind Medical College 38000 Included
7 Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College 46000 Hostel Included
8 Kumudini Women’s Medical College 44900 With Hostel
9 Medical College for Women’s Uttara Dhaka 46000 130
10 Green Life Medical College 42000 Extra

Medical Colleges of Bangladesh with Fees Structure

MBBS classes offered in Bangladesh can be conducted in English. In contrast to India the country, there isn’t a language program needed. Students from abroad can attend the nation’s most prestigious medical schools that are private. Some of these schools have allocated up to forty-five percent of the seats to international applicants. International students also have the option of scholarships.

Medical schools in Bangladesh offer great opportunities to pursue the field of medical field. The medical schools of Bangladesh are recognized by MCI, WHO, IMED and BMDC. Students from India are also able to take a course in MBBS at a medical college in Bangladesh. The cost of studying in Bangladesh is significantly less than India. In addition, the country’s medical schools are accredited by the NMC.

Medium of Instruction

MBBS graduates who would like to pursue further studies may decide to work in public hospitals or private health centers. They may also be employed by national or international companies and can prove beneficial for their future career. Bangladesh is a very popular tourist destination Indian medical students due to the cost of medical education in Bangladesh is very low, while the place is secure.

To study MBBS in Bangladesh students must pass the qualifying tests. After students have completed their qualification tests they are eligible for the student visa. But, they are not eligible to apply for the no-cost SAARC contingent. The process for obtaining a visa could take as long as five days. It is also possible to hire an expert who will take care of the immigration process for you.

Students who are from India must ensure their safety within the country. Medical Colleges of Bangladesh While India is a crowded and Muslim country, it is secure for international students to study and live in. The climate of Bangladesh is subtropical. It can fall between 11 and 12 degrees Celsius in winter, and temperatures reach thirty degrees celcius during summer. Food prices is also lower in Bangladesh is also lower than India. In addition, students must be aware that alcohol consumption is not permitted in Bangladesh. Many medical schools across the country provide hostel services for students from abroad.

Top Medical Colleges of Bangladesh

Students who are studying MBBS in Bangladesh are able to access top medical facilities. The fees structure at these medical colleges is less than those of Indian medical schools. This makes them cheaper and attractive for international students. Additionally, the quality of their education is very high.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

If you are an Indian student, you might be considering MBBS in Bangladesh. Unlike studying in a foreign country, MBBS in Bangladesh is less expensive. Plus, the course is in English. You can also get assistance from the Bangladesh High Commission to apply for the course. Here are some important things to consider before making your decision.

Looking to study MBBS in Bangladesh? Check out our list of top medical colleges in Bangladesh for Indian students. Fees and other important details included!


MBBS in Bangladesh

The cost of MBBS in Bangladesh is affordable and the medical fee is significantly lower. The country’s currency is also depreciating so the students are required to spend less money. In addition to this, there is a vast scope of practical knowledge at low tuition rates. As a result, it is one of the safest options for Indian students.

MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students is a six-year-long program that requires a one-year internship in the country. In India, students must meet the requirements set forth by the Bangladesh Mission Abroad in order to qualify. The process is completely online and takes about five to seven days.

MBBS in Bangladesh is a good choice for Indian students

There are many benefits to studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Firstly, it is affordable. The medical fees are cheaper and expenses are lower as well. Also, Bangladesh currency is depreciating, which reduces the cost of studying here. Secondly, it is safe.

Thirdly, MBBS in Bangladesh offers a good learning experience. In addition, it allows Indian students to make an outstanding mark in their chosen profession. Bangladesh is a country with diverse cultures and languages, and most MBBS universities here offer English as a language of instruction. Most Indian students choose the Bangladesh Medical College, although the Medical College For Women and Hospital is also popular. This college focuses on educating women and transforming them into better doctors.

Medical Colleges of Bangladesh is cheaper than other countries

If you want to study medicine in a cheap and quality environment, MBBS in Bangladesh Medical Colleges of Bangladesh can be an excellent choice. Bangladesh offers affordable tuition fees, which range from US$36,000 to $45000 for the entire five-year course. This price includes all costs associated with living in a university, including mess and hostel fees. In addition, the government of Bangladesh subsidizes and regulates the cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh. This makes studying medicine in the country very affordable, especially when compared to studying abroad or in a private medical college in India. Here is a list study abroad

One of the major advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is that the country’s educational standards are comparable to those in developed countries. For example, graduates of medical colleges in Bangladesh can attend international pg studies, seminars and conferences that will help them grow as a physician. MBBS in Bangladesh is also much cheaper than studying abroad for Indian students, and you will find a culturally similar environment. In addition to having affordable tuition fees, you will find a highly-experienced and professional staff to assist you throughout your studies. Find 

MBBS in Bangladesh is in English

If you are from India, you will have no problem understanding MBBS in Bangladesh, as the course is taught in English. The people in Bangladesh speak good English and many colleges also teach in the local language, Bengali. However, if you plan to practice medicine or visit hospitals in Bangladesh, you will need to learn some Bengali. Medical Colleges of Bangladesh Luckily, the cost of studying in Bangladesh is much less than other NMC/ MCI recognized medical colleges abroad.

The duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is six years. During the course, you will have the opportunity to practice your medical knowledge. During this time, you will also get an internship in a reputed hospital or clinic. You should look for universities that offer English language courses to help you succeed in the course. There are several courses offered every year. You should check with the Ministry of Education to find out the dates. The minimum educational qualification for MBBS in Bangladesh is 12th with a combination of Physics-Chemistry-biology. Also, you must qualify the NEET exam to enroll in the program.