Suspended Medical Colleges to take new MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

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[Continuous update] List of Suspended Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

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Suspended five more medical Colleges and One Dental Colleges to take new Students in 1st year MBBS Degree In Bangladesh

6 suspended medical and dental college admission activities

In order to ensure the government does not meet the requirements of the policy, the admission process of five private medical and one dental college has been postponed for the forthcoming academic year.

The list of colleges can be found on BMDC Official Website

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5 Medical College and one Dental College Suspended to Take MBBS Admission Click Here

Private 6 medical and dental colleges Suspended

However, the education activities of other classes of colleges will continue.

This decision was taken at a meeting of Private Medical and Dental College Policy held at the Ministry’s meeting held on Thursday 17th August 2017. Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim chaired the meeting. This decision was taken on the basis of the recommendation given in the last six months’ visit of the Ministry of Health and Health Department in private medical colleges of the country. This has been informed in a press release of the ministry.

In the meeting, the Health Minister said the government’s campaign will continue to stop the ban on non-government colleges. Those who can not fulfill the conditions, the admission process will be closed. If they do not fulfill all the conditions and can not be upgraded to a standard college, then all their activities will be closed in the future. He said the government will not accept quality deficiencies in medical colleges at the medical centers.

In the last academic session, the decision was taken in the meeting to stop the 56 medical assistant training schools (MATS) activities due to the failure of the students to get admission. During this time, the Health Minister asked the other mats and IHT to conduct a quality standard in accordance with the proper rules and inspected them and made strict decisions against the failed institutions. At present, there are 196 mats and 98 IHTs in the country.

In the last academic year, the admission of three colleges in the last academic year was stopped due to non-fulfillment of the rules of policy within 69 private medical colleges established in the country, which is still in place.

Black Listed Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Already Suspended colleges to recruit New MBBS Students are as follows:

  1. Nightingale Medical College
  2. Northern Private Medical College
  3. City Medical College
  4. CARe Medical College

Among others, Secretary of Health Education and Family Welfare Division Sirajul Islam, Director General of Health Department Dr Abul Kalam Azad, BMDC President Prof Dr. Shahidullah, Dean of BSMMU Professor Dr. Iqbal Arsalan and officials of the Ministry and Directorate were present.