Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Find Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Best Ten Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is now the first choice for Indian students to study MBBS Abroad. From the last decade, Bangladesh progressed in all aspects whether it is education or technology, In recent years Bangladesh achieve the world’s largest exporter in Garments. To have a safe and secure place in the International market and to produce a brilliant future, the country is continuously improving the educational system. The medical science academy and research programs in the country are randomly in progress and so do the colleges upgrading them from time to time to stand upright in the international standard.

Here is a list of the top 10 private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh that are in the race of continuous reformation of medical studies and research.

Top Best Ten Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital (DNMC) – Johnson Road, Old Dhaka
  2. Community Based Medical College and Hospital (CBMC) – Mymensingh, Dhaka
  3. Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital (BMCH) – Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  4. Green Life College and Hospital (GMCH) – Dhanmondi, Dhaka
  5. Monno Medical College and Hospital (MMCH) – Manikganj, Dhaka
  6. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College and Hospital (KYAMCH) – Enayetpur, Sirajganj
  7. Eastern Medical College and Hospital (EMCH) – Comilla
  8. Barind Medical College and Hospital (BMC) – Rajshahi
  9. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College (HFRCMC) – Eskatan Garden Road, Dhaka
  10. Southern Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) – Chittagong

Best Three Women’s Medical College in Bangladesh

  1. Medical College For Women and Hospital (MCWH) Dhaka
  2. Kumudini Women’s Medical College and Hospital (KWMCH) Tangail, Dhaka
  3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital (SWMCH) – Sylhet

Top 10 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

1. Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital (BMCH) – Dhaka

BMCH is the first private medical college in Bangladesh. It is a renowned private medical college in South East Asia. It has established a name of excellence for its brilliant performance in academic results. The main principle of the institute is to provide quality medical studies and researches at reasonable rates so that it is affordable to the common race.

The hospital in the college is a tertiary which cares recommended medical facility and offers outstanding training to students and junior doctors. There are many academic activities that facilitate a student to enlighten apart from the medical studies. Regular postgraduate lessons are updated to Registrars, Assistant Registrars, and Interns with regard to theory, diagnosis, and management of patients. Total package for Indian candidates US$ 45000 in 5 years.

2. Eastern Medical College and Hospital – (EMCH) Comilla

EMCH ranked second for its standard of education and infrastructure Indian students prefer to study EMCH. Unique students performance report – parents can log in and track STUDENTS’ day-to-day performance – EMCH facilitated with such online performance software. Total Package US $ 40500 in 5 years including Hostel accommodation

3. Monno Medical College & Hospital – Dhaka

MMCH step up from ranked 8 to rank 3 among the top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Due to its state of art infrastructure and modern facility.